v1.1.0 API Documentation



ProForma provides an API to make it easier for our customers to access their data. This version 1.1 the API includes the Export API and a number of new form related features in the Form API. We plan to add more features to the Form API in future versions.

Refer to for general information about the use of this API.


The API is available in Jira Server and Jira Data Center but it is not available in Jira Cloud. If you are a Cloud customer who would find this API useful, please contact us to discuss whether we can find a solution for you.

The ProForma Customer API is available in the following versions of ProForma:

ProForma Customer API

ProForma Version

ProForma Customer API

ProForma Version


v8.4.9 and later

v1.1.0 This version

v8.4.0 and later


v8.2.0 and later